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Size ChartWhen I’m out selling my wares at shows, people ask “Hey Shell, what size would I wear?”  Here’s my answer in detail.

Small: Recommended for kiddos 3-6 years old.

Medium: Teenagers/Adults with petite heads

Large: This is my standard adult size.  That’s me below.  According to some websites, I am the perfect example of an “average size woman in America”.  No joke.  So, if you think your noodle is pretty typical in size, I would recommend a large.

Extra Large:  Recommended for people with thick curly hair, or if you feel your head is slightly above average in size.  I add a few extra rows of length and width to this size.

Check out the detailed size chart if you feel like getting out the old tape measure to see what size would fit you the best!

ponytail-hat pic of meIMG_3792