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This is me! I was having good ponytail day.

Before, having a great ponytail day and chilly weather just didn’t mix. Now you don’t have to lose your ponytail just because want to wear a hat. With a Ponycap you can slide your ponytail right through the fixed opening and go.

When I am out and about selling Ponycaps, people always ask me if I make them.  Yes is the answer to that question!  From start to finish, I am your Ponycap making girl.  I make all of my hats from a soft skein of yarn and turn that yarn into something fun.  I would like to give special thanks and kudos to my mom who makes flowers for my hats and travels with me only to spend 10-12 hours days helping me at shows (while taking vacation from her real job where they pay her!).   I have a great time meeting new folks and answering their questions about what I do. Over the years I have had many repeat customers or people that are sent to me by someone who purchased a hat from me before. I love that!  Makes my day! If you have any questions for me, please email me at

My caps were born due to necessity being the mother of invention.  I always wanted a hat like this, but couldn’t find one.  So, I sat down and figured out how to make one. The first few attempts were functional, but not pretty!  After getting some advice from one of my aunts on how to improve my technique the Ponycap was born. I started wearing it to Synchronized Skating practice and my teammates asked me to make them some caps.  So I did.  It snowballed from there.  My customers range from two year olds with 1″ pointy little pigtails to retirees looking for a cool hat to wear while going for walks.  Busy moms like my hats because they are cute and simple to put on.  Do you stand outside on a chilly day and watch your kiddos play soccer?  Are you sitting in an ice arena watching mites and squirts play hockey?  Have no fear, I’ve got you covered.  You can stay warm and look adorable.  My hats are washable! Yeah for laundry!  So if you wear one while running or after working out at the gym you can throw it in the wash and de-sweat-ify it.  I personally have thrown mine the dryer (on low heat) and they come out fine, but I recommend laying it flat to dry.

Question: Is a Ponycap patented?

Answer: You bet it is!  The day I got that call was amazing!  The U.S. government sent me a pretty booklet with a red ribbon on the front.  I think it up’ed my street cred in my family. 🙂